Mole tostadas with tofu, garnished with coconut cheese and sweetened onions.

vegan mole tostadas

For the mole sauce (1/4 kilo)

  • ¼ of Chile ancho
  • ½ kilo of animal crackers (the one your gramma gave you)
  • 1 kilo of bananas
  • 2 small red Mexican tomatillos


  1. The Chile is fried
  2. The banana is fried
  3. The cookies are fried (all in the same pot and with the same oil, this is important because the crackers absorb the oil)
  4. Fry the tomato, ¼ onion and garlic clove
  5. Soak everything with enough water to cover the ingredients
  6. Mix and mash the ingredients, then blend it with the same water
  7. Once they are blended,  add a little bit of vegetable oil (canola, avocado, or whatever you chose to use for the rest of things) so it doesn’t stick to the pot and add a bit of salt and sugar to taste.

This recipe is perfect for those with intolerance to chocolate and who want a good Mexican mole on a budget. It can be served on tostadas or enchiladas (enmoladas). I choose tostadas.

For the garnish:

Sauteed agave honey infused white onions mixed with full circle organic hot peppers blend.

  • ¼ Pickled onion
  • ½ Spoon Agave honey
  • 1 Dash Full circle hot pepper blend

For the protein

Extra firm tofu spiced with curry powder, ground black pepper and fried in avocado oil and Himalayan salt to taste.

  • Extra Firm Tofu of your choice
  • Avocado oil
  • Himalayan salt
  • Curry Powder
  • Ground Black Pepper
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